Dating a kaywoodie

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Dating a kaywoodie

I was expecting to be a little disappointed, but I was surprised instead.

The flakes arrived completely sealed and with perfect moisture content.

Smells too sweet in the tin, but doesn't smoke that way.

The flakes are delightfully moist and any attempt to dry them would be immoral.

Demand skyrocketed from a little known or used product to a popular pastime. You don't have to put this brand in a cellar for 20 years to enjoy it, or search the far corners of the earth to find it, or pay dearly to buy it.Anyhow the flavor is very unadulterated and I find it highly relaxing.It also stays on the pallet for a while after smoking so I usually find myself wondering when I can get the next bowl! I usually sit down and allow time to smoke every last bit in the bowl, as even the dottle is not overwhelming like other tobaccos I have tried.Dry or damp, aged or not, this tobacco always delivers a pure, mildly dark fruit sweet, very earthy Virginia taste with a touch of pepper/spice, wood, a little citrus and grass. Well, frankly, THIS: This is an old-school tobacco in the purest sense. If they were an attractive woman, I would ply them with alcohol and try to get them in to bed. This advice about all Sam Gawith offerings is so important, it's not even funny, but still kinda is. Though no sugar crystals seem to be on fresh flakes, it is obvious in so many ways that this has been aged quite a bit before being sent out. A word about smoking high quality Virginia flakes: keep at it, even if you have several so-so smokes in a row. Once you figure them out, you will reach the promised land. A depth of flavor hard to find, even for a class Virginia, FVF is a long-time staple. Upon opening the tin I have to marvel at the aroma.It does mellow with age (which is typical of straight Virginias), but not enough to lose the mild pepper/spice note. Burns slow, no matter the moisture content, with a very consistent cool, clean flavor, and a minor rough edge or two. One type of quality leaf, handled and prepared with care and love, by an old-school company using, by and large, old-school methods. Tin note: fermented Virginia glory, a wet field in the Fall with year-old, mostly-rotted away manure on it. A 50 gram tin of Sam Gawith tobacco contains around 25 grams of moisture, but, like a beautiful woman who lies to me just to build up my ego, I'm totally ok with it. Its very flavorful smell of fruits like raisins and plums.

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I like knowing that everything is perfect and undisturbed in that tin until I open it, and that specifically includes proper moisture content.

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  1. Just open a tin, rub out the delicate flakes, pack your pipe, and relax. I like this stuff a lot, and I now recognize that it is a very important component of SMM, and that blends without a proper Virginia component do not appeal to me. Add Latakia for it's wonderful smokiness, & Orientals for some complexity and viola: Perfection in a tin!

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