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Anthropology is an effort to understand this broad sense of humanness and is divided into four major subdisciplines, each focusing on a different aspect of what makes us human.

The subdisciplines of anthropology are: Collectively these disciplines provide anthropology with a background of information that helps us build a wide-ranging understanding of humanness itself.

A trailer for the series shows Ventura, with a bald crown and long white hair, hitting the road on his motorcycle sans helmet while declaring: 'Everyone in the world should experience the feeling of freedom, and you get it on the open road.'He then adds: 'Welcome to my world.

Jesse Ventura, the former professional wrestler who went on to become governor of Minnesota, will be starring in 'The World According to Jesse,' a new reality show on the state-sponsored network RT.

The grey, four-storey office block in St Petersburg's northwestern suburbs seems almost undeserving of the interest.

But the souls inside, busy with pro-Kremlin internet manipulation since 2011, have ensured their building will stay in the headlines for some time to come.

For example, from studying cultures around the world, we know that every culture is ethnocentric; that is, they believe their way of life, their values, and their worldview is superior to all others.

The question is why do cultures take this perspective? If we believe our way of life is better, then we simply reject anything foreign that comes along.

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It reveals details about the organisation’s relatively modest budget.