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These groups, more commonly known as Friends, are concerned citizens who have banded together to assist in protecting, preserving and promoting the beauty and the splendor of their favorite state park.

We hope to move toward installing any new equipment we get with better protections in place, and more backups for outages like this one. We have been in communication with AXIS, the camera manufacturer, and they said we would have to wait till we could physically be in contact with the camera to further diagnose it. As much as we love to watch our eagles it would be highly unethical, and highly illegal for us to disturb their nest in any way right now. We have been in contact with AXIS the manufacturer of the camera and the only advice they could offer was to wait till the eaglets fledge.Thank you to all our viewers, and to all our moderators who have stuck it out with us thick and thin.We will do our best to keep on with this project and provide you with the best we can.We hope with changes like these our entire system will be improved dramatically.We are also looking at several short term solutions.

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