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This month, Reiner returned north of the border with the 19th feature he's directed, , one of several recent projects about America's 36th president.

"We set about trying to make him human and show all sides of him," says Reiner.

Not many know that Reiner actually worked with Sorkin to rewrite chunks of the script and "plug up some plot holes." This apparently didn't cause any strain in their relationship, because three years later they reteamed for ." In the years thereafter, Reiner has made films much more sporadically.

"I got very involved in politics," he says, and then his family went through a tumultuous period after his teenage son, Nick Reiner, became addicted to drugs.

"We wanted to start a little film company," he marvels — and Castle Rock did make seven movies of King's works alone, including while down on his luck about love — and then met and fell in love with his future wife, Michele Singer, during the making of it, and gave it a more optimistic ending.

(In that film, he also cast his mother, Estelle Reiner, to deliver a topper for the ages, concocted by Billy Crystal for the moment after Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in a deli: "I'll have what she's having.") A year later, he made , a King adaptation far darker than anything he had done before.

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But that was not enough to dissuade him, since he knew the truth: "I never asked him for help, I never asked him for advice." While at UCLA, Reiner and classmates Larry Bishop (Joey's son) and Richard Dreyfuss formed an improv group, The Session. Then, during his third year at UCLA, Reiner began landing acting and writing jobs on top TV shows and dropped out of school.Once we have a distributor, you have to build a marketing campaign and a distribution plan and all of that, and that'll take some time.So it'll come out next year sometime, hopefully." In the meantime, he's already onto directing his next film, , a drama about the handful of journalists who in 2003 questioned George W.Past guests include Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Eddie Murphy, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Louis C.K., Kristen Stewart, Harvey Weinstein, Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld, Jane Fonda, J. Abrams, Kate Winslet and Michael Moore.) Reiner, 69, is the son of Carl Reiner, the legendary comedy actor, writer, director and producer who is now 94 and going strong.

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(He also wrote several episodes of that show, and others, with his writing partner Phil Mishkin.) But when the show's run was over, he turned down "an enormous amount of money" to do a spinoff with Sally Struthers because, he says, "I didn't think I was going to be able to make a career as an actor ...