Insufficient base table information for updating

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Insufficient base table information for updating

In the diagram above, some pages are not in physical memory.A page table is the data structure used by a virtual memory system in a computer operating system to store the mapping between virtual addresses and physical addresses.CREATE TABLE real_identity ( id NUMBER GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY, description VARCHAR2(30) ); The following script compares the insert performance of the three tables.The first test uses the trigger to populate the ID column.In previous releases of the Oracle database, there was no direct equivalent of the Auto Number or Identity functionality of other database engines.Instead, this behaviour had to be implemented using a combination of sequences and triggers.Oracle 12c introduces two alternatives to this by providing identity columns and the ability to use sequence pseudocolumns as default values.

Relationship between pages addressed by virtual addresses and the pages in physical memory, within a simple address space scheme.Virtual addresses are used by the accessing process, while physical addresses are used by the hardware, or more specifically, by the RAM subsystem.In operating systems that use virtual memory, every process is given the impression that it is working with large, contiguous sections of memory.The page table is where the operating system stores its mappings of virtual addresses to physical addresses, with each mapping also known as a page table entry (PTE).The CPU's memory management unit (MMU) stores a cache of recently used mappings from the operating system's page table.

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SET SERVEROUTPUT ON DECLARE l_time PLS_INTEGER; l_cpu PLS_INTEGER; TYPE t_data IS TABLE OF trigger_identity.description%TYPE; l_data t_data; BEGIN -- Popluate a collection with some dummy data.

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