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Lifemates dating

The temper trantrum the sales person had was classic (Yes, she did even start hurling insults) and revealed her true vulture.

Even if you get a minimum number of referal guarantee, you will not be able to get any kind of guarantee that these are quality persons that you will be matched with.

I agree with the slick sales tactics from Life Mates.

I'm so glad I decided to be mindful of my vulnerable position while subjecting myself to their process.

I was concerned that they didn't not have suffient clientel within my own race demographic.

NOTE: As of June 2017 Lifemates has gone out of business in Canada. The matchmaker that worked so hard with me was the one person who I can truly say that enjoys her work more than anyone I know.

She was very professional at how she matched me up with my wife and was extraordinarily honest and responsible.

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