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Well, we DO wish everyone a Merry Christmas and urge people to enjoy themselves, but we also feel sad at losing people we have grown up with whom we thought we would never be without.

For a lot of people Christmas is a very sad time so, yes, enjoy yourself, but please don't think everyone else is able to, just because YOU can.

And we understand they dropped everything to be free for this night.

As spokesman Norm told Riffs: 'The Force are more than happy to support this cause. Difficult to believe that they are now celebrating 18 years in the business - well, we say business, but these lads just exude the love and passion that - dare we say it ('dare, dare') - that so many bands have lost - or never even had in the first place. and before you knew it they were rockin' the crowds at Stormin' the Castle in '07. What a surpise to see local lad Contraband Ron on The Chase on Tuesday (3rd).

has been sent some pics of the Hells Bells night and it looks like a nice big hall you can get your gear up to 11 in.

Even (going by the door behind stage) looks like you have your own dressing room.

Still rockin' the North-East with power and energy some bands can only dream of, and musicianship that for most bands is just unattainable, not to mention a phenomenal stage presence - we are talking about our own home-grown mega rockers . ) So we are proud to post here some pics of the early Skinflint. For those who are not aware, the East Bedlington Community Centre (EBCC) is non-profit making so all monies taken go to keep the Centre alive and help arrange bands for the future.The line-up includes It's a fabulous billing of some amazing local talent.With tickets priced at a very reasonable 10 (for the main stage of the Academy), this is an opportunity not to be missed.Contact me at :- [email protected] The Cluny1 is way down East on the Ouseburn Delta at Newcastle's historic Quayside.You can get there on foot from Byker Metro (15 mins) or catch one of the Quaylink buses straight from the many stops in the Toon.

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[This was over four long paragraphs to begin with but my niece read it and said: 'I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say, but people don't want to hear it, they just want to get pissed and have a good time.' So I cut it].

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